We are a nonprofit Ohio corporation that is dedicated to promoting public awareness and understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency, or lack thereof, of governmental and not-for-profit policies and programs. Another area of interest is media objectivity and accuracy. We accept the help of volunteers but do not accept monetary contributions.

Director, Joseph Fried, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (MBA), and a CPA with about 35 years of audit and tax experience.  He was an accountant with Ernst & Young, prior to founding Koester, DiSalvo and Fried, a firm which specializes in governmental auditing, the audit of not-for-profit entities, and corporation taxation.  He is a current member of the AICPA, and regularly reviews other CPA firms in the AICPA peer review program.  He is the author of 3 books:

How Social Security Picks Your Pocket (Algora Publishing, 2003) is an analysis of the waste and inequities in the Social Security system.

Democrats and Republicans – Rhetoric and Reality (Algora Publishing, 2008) is a comprehensive statistical comparison of individuals who self-describe as Democrats versus Republicans. It covers topics such as work habits, leisure activities, education, and charitable giving.

The latest book, Who Really Drove the Economy Into the Ditch (Algora Publishing, 2012) is a comprehensive analysis of the roots of the financial crisis of 2007/08. It concludes that government affordable housing policies and the Federal Reserve’s low-interest rate policies were the chief causes of the crisis.

Contact Joe at joefried1@gmail.com. Please put PPTO in the subject line.